Being an adult is exhaustingly cool

Being an adult is exhaustingly cool

I wake up at 7:45, get to work at 9:15, work until 5:00 (but normally stay a little later because why not?), get home by 6:00, eat dinner, watch Netflix, and go to sleep. That, and the fact that I have an official New York ID and a freaking Metrocard for myself, makes me feel like a real adult. Every morning, I put on my business casual clothes, get on the train with a wave of suits, join the line for the elevator with the rest of the AOL employees, and sit at the intern table in a rolly office chair with my Macbook in front of me, ready to tackle the day of meetings, discussions, and coding tickets.

Did I mention that I get to sit in a rolly chair?

It's pretty cool.

Not just the rolly chair--the internship itself.

Let me go through some of the highlights my week:

On Monday, after meeting with the team, we got to meet a pretty cool person that you've probably never heard of. He's a Canadian actor who has starred in a few indie films, like "Just Friends", "Green Lantern", "Woman in Gold", and, most importantly (in my world at least), the upcoming film "Deadpool".

So, my fellow Sherlockians, have you figured it out yet?

If you said motherflippin' Ryan Reynolds, then YAAAAS! You get to look at this low-quality Instagram photo I took of his beautiful Canadian face. Actually, all of you deserve to look at his Canadian face.

And I got to see, listen, and breath the same air as him. *sigh*

The next day, we spent our time running from meeting to meeting, hustling around the office with our laptops and AOL notebooks in hand. One of the best aspects of this internship is that we all get an inside view of how Cambio and AOL run. We learned how to properly use the blogging system and what Cambio is as a product.

Then we got to bond with some of the higher-up people on the Cambio team: Nisha Dua, Linda Friedman, and Susan Lyne. It was great to be able to have a simple conversation with some of these powerful women, especially when they gave us life advice about going to college, choosing a career, switching jobs--just general adult stuff.

It was hump day when we actually started to go over what we would be spending the rest of our summer on.

Nope, this is top-secret information, so I shall not be disclosing any particular details. But what I can tell you is that both additions are going to make the Cambio website quite spectacular.

Not to promise too much :)

We actually got to brainstorm the specific attributes of each project and draft up the first templates. Whenever I take on a project, it's the first stages of brainstorming that really get my blood pumping, and my coding heart is practically beating a mile a minute.

Either that or I've eaten too many french fries.

The designing continued through Thursday, as we had more meetings with the full Cambio team about media strategies and article ideas. Not only are we getting to code a part of their website, but we're actually going to contribute content, like vlogs and Col[lab] articles.

Don't worry, I'll be sure to pimp those out when they're posted ;)

Friday was pretty awesome, and not just because it was the end of my first work-week. In fact, I kind of didn't want the week to end-- it just means one less week working for Cambio, and I want to make that last forever. Forget senior year.

We got to interview our first celebrity, and, boy, was it hilarious.

After listening to one of the Cambio social media fellows conduct an interview with the 19-year-old teenybopper (which you can read here , we got to play a word association game with him. It didn't run perfectly (Snapchat can be glitchy) but we got to hear him not know what the Cloud and juice cleanses were.

Hey, he did choose the tongue out emoji, so I guess it's cool.

The best part was when we began to leave the interview room, and he spotted a mirror. Do you know what he did?

He checked himself out and started dancing. In front of the mirror. In a room full of people.

Let's just say the interns and I had a lot to laugh about for the rest of the day :D

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